Michael is a furniture craftsman who artfully transforms hand-picked, salvaged wood into modern “functional sculptures.”
Michael’s experience with woodcraft stems from two decades working in joinery and carpentry. His current craft was first inspired by the desire to explore new ways of making furniture from salvaged logs. The process of procuring usable timber from trees that have fallen in storms or have had to be removed, and then transforming it into something both beautiful and functional, is a challenge that Michael relishes. He works primarily with native hardwoods like gumtrees, as well as mango wood, pine, and many other trees species.
Michael is committed to producing lifetime pieces that guarantee integrity and strength. Each furniture piece is handcrafted and can take days or weeks to produce – from sourcing to finished product. The clean, modern designs of each piece accentuate the wood’s unique texture, colour and grain, resulting in a one-of-a-kind, authentic piece of furniture.